100 pieces colouring set

A kit with 100 colouring tools

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100 pieces colouring set

Color'Peps colouring set containing 100 high quality colouring tools including felt-pens, colouring pencils and crayons in a wide range of colours.

This set is practical, easy to store and can be taken anywhere.

Colouring pencils with strong resistant leads, washable felt-pens with brightly coloured washable ink, colouring crayons, sharpener, eraser and pencil.

This is the ideal product for aspiring young artists.


36 Washable felt-pens with medium tip + 36 Resin colour pencils + 24 Wax colouring crayon + 1 Brush felt-pens with paintbrush tip + 1 Graphite + 1 Eraser + 1 Pencil sharpener

Maped Mini-Artists

A complete range of Color'Peps creative tools. Perfect for children passionate about art who want to draw, colour in, decorate and enrich their drawings. Products in the range include felt-pens, colour pencils, glitter glue and stamps. All the Maped Mini-Artists range complies with current toy regulations.

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