Maped Office

ESSENTIALS... your essential office items


With the essentials range, Maped Office transforms your professional environment. Technical and design products to support you on a daily basis. Guaranteed for 2 years, Essentials products come in either the metal or green collection. Now you’ve got everything you need for happy working.

Metal staplers

  • 2 functions: stapling, nailing
  • 180° opening makes refilling easy


Hole Punches - Essentials Metal - 2 holes

  • Metal hole punches
  • Multi-format guide
  • Quick and precise hole punching using the rings of the file
  • Hole punch balanced and optimised for paper sheets


Scissors - Essentials Green

  • Stainless steel blades and rivet
  • Ergonomic and ambidextrous 2D handles
  • Handles made from 60% recycled plastic
  • Eco-designed packaging


Scissors - Essentials Soft

  • Stainless steel blades and rivet
  • Ergonomic 2D handles
  • Ambidextrous bi-material handles
  • Eco-designed packaging

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