Tuesday, august 16, 2016

Heller Joustra's acquisition

Maped acquires Heller Joustra, a French firm specialising in creative crafts and modelling kits.


Maped acquires Heller Joustra

On 21 March 2016 Maped announced the acquisition of Heller Joustra. Specialising in creative crafts and modelling kits, Heller Joustra has made it possible for Maped to bring their products into the world of creative crafts.

Founded in 1937, Joustra became the Number One producer of mechanical games in Europe during the 1960's: a range of 200 mechanical toys, activated by a key, by friction or a battery, mounted on trucks, construction cranes, planes or boats ...

In 1999, the company was taken over by miniature model producer, Heller, and moved to its premises at Trun in Normandy. The Télécran (the first ever drawing tablet) has since become the iconic product which everybody knows.

Heller's history goes back to 1957 when Léo Jahiel launched a range of static model kits of which the Caravelle was the first. At the time, the Americans were the only ones to make plastic model kits as opposed to the wooden model kits of Europe.  Faced with instant commercial success, the creator abandoned his premises in Paris to set up a factory at Trun in the Orne region. Cars, motorcycles and majestic sailboats were added to the range which consisted mainly of airplanes. 

Today, Joustra offers a product integrating all aspects of creative crafting (drawing, pyrography, glazing, moulding, salt dough ...) and which is sold by large retailers and in specialist shops (such as Joué Club, Toys R Us, King Jouet ...) 

Every child's dream!