Painting Bottles

Color'Peps Bottles, the ultra washable gouache with very vivid colours


The painting with super powers to discover colours, encourage imagination and creativity

Ultra washable

Machine wash at 30°. Our tips for getting rid of paint stains.



Great covering power


Unctuous texture ready-to-use


Small-sized 75ml bottles with an easy to open flip-cap

Exclusive design

Random collection featuring 6 mini superheroes


Complies with current toy regulations

Our tips for getting rid of paint stains:

   -  Remove the excess paint by running under cold water,
   -  Rub the stain for a few minutes with some Marseilles type soap (if if you don't have any, try some washing powder) and lukewarm water,
   -  Put the clothing in the machine within 24 hours and:
            1. Choose a 30° cotton type wash programme,
            2. Activate the "intensive wash" or "stain" options if you have that on your machine,
            3. Wash just a half load ideally,
            4. Use the dose of washing powder recommended on the packaging for dirty or very dirty laundry.

Additional Information

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